Warranty and Returns

All new products sold by NXGEN come with a one-year warranty. Repaired NXGEN parts will carry a 90-day warranty or until fulfillment of original warranty time; whichever is greater.

Any product, or part thereof, sold by NXGEN Inc., which, under normal operating conditions proves defective in material or workmanship within a specified time from the date of shipment by NXGEN Inc., as determined by an inspection by NXGEN Inc., will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion, free of charge for repair.

The warranty is contingent only to the customer promptly sending us notice of the defect and establishing that the product has been properly installed, maintained, and operated within the limits of rated and normal usage, that no factory sealed adjustments have been tampered with, and that the damage has not occurred from contamination (i.e. damage due to coolant or any conductive material such as chips or dust or from parts not being covered).

All expressed and implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration to the warranty period, and no warranties, whether expressed or implied, will apply after this period.


The customer is responsible for all shipping unless determined by NXGEN Inc. to be the fault of NXGEN Inc. (i.e. the wrong part was shipped).


A CORE is defined as a used or broken part, capable of being repaired at a reasonable cost as determined by NXGEN Inc. Credit will be given to parts specific and defined by NXGEN Inc.  Upon reception of the part and if determine by us to be repairable, NXGEN Inc. will issue a “Core Credit” for the amount determined at the initial sale of the replacement product.

Core returns are not considered repairable by NXGEN Inc. will either be returned or destroyed according to the customer’s instructions.


Parts being returned must be returned in the same packaging and in the same condition (as determined by NXGEN Inc) as it was originally received. NXGEN Inc. cannot receive a return part that has been damaged or in a condition that makes it unable to resale as originally sold.  Parts returned to us will be subject to a 10% restocking fee of the original purchase price. NXGEN Inc. will contact the customer to discuss returns considered unusable or damaged for possible solutions.


Under no circumstances shall NXGEN Inc. or any of its affiliates have any liability whatsoever for claims or damages arising out of the use of the machine. Nor shall NXGEN Inc. have any liability or responsibility to the customer or anyone for any indirect or consequential damages such as injuries to person and property caused directly or indirectly by the product or part sold to the customer. In accepting our product or part, the customer agrees to save us harm from any and all such claims or damages that may be initiated against us by the customer or any third parties.



Effective as of August 08, 2018