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Just getting started? Watch an overview of the main screen features, including position displays, touch keys, Legacy style function keys, memory functions, setup tools, and adjustments features.
Touchscreen Overview

One of the key elements of the new pendant is integration of the touchscreen. We however understand that simply adding a touchscreen doesn’t automatically create a better interface.  For example, consider the phone in your pocket; just because it has a touchscreen does not automatically make it easy to use. It is the software behind the touchscreen that makes the difference between mediocre and exceptional.

Enter Next Command
The Command mode is a fundamental requirement for Legacy CNC88 compatibility. In many ways a foundation of CNC operation, the Control not only supports most of the original commands, it improves the process with new commands.
Enter Next Command
Below you’ll find a few videos highlighting some key features of the NXGEN touch keys. In each video you’ll see familiar Legacy functionality for each feature, with ways we’ve made it better, easier-to-use, and faster.
Auto Options
Manual Data Input
View Graphics
Jog Key
Spindle Functions
Service Key
Load Program
Videos are great. But you can’t beat seeing it for yourself.