Touchscreen interfaces have exploded and become the standard in industries from consumer technology to advanced B2B products. Our testing has shown the CNC is another perfect application for a touchscreen interface. Of course, it is not just the touchscreen that makes a great product, it also requires the best software.
Familiar. Modern. & optimized for a touchscreen.
Quickly move from function to function without deep menus.
Real Time
Color codes, LEDs, and dashboards provide instant information on the machine’s operation.
Don’t waste time learning a new interface. Our system is based upon the familiar Fadal menus.
Legacy Function Keys
The Control provides the same layout and functionality as Legacy but with visual enhancements that aid the operator.
Color Coded
Keys are color-coded to show the status as active, not active or available. Red signifies feature unavailable, Green is active, Blue is not active.
Text Feedback
The key’s text provides feedback. For example, when pressing the COOLANT key it also reads ON or OFF – no more leaving the coolant pump on unknowingly.
One Touch Functions
Say goodbye to old menu systems
With the NXGEN system, you are always moving forward with just one touch. Our menus are easy to navigate, eliminating the usual “drilling down” technique commonly used in old style menu systems and older soft-key designs. No longer will you have the “confused and lost in menus” feeling with our touchscreen interface.
  • Touchscreen makes Control operation fast, easy and intuitive
  • Greatly simplifies navigation flow and eliminates the need for a BACK button
  • Designed upon industry accepted HMI options

Touching the Load Program key loads the last run program names the Option key window on the right for easy selection. Selecting the desired program loads it into memory.
If your program is not displayed in the options, then touch the Load Program key again to open a standard Windows file selection menu allowing familiar navigation of all storage devices such as Hard Drives, USB ports, and so on.


Dry running programs has never been simpler nor had more customization. Touching Dry Run displays the many options available for the Dry Run function. For example:

  • Selecting the Graphics Dry Run key turns it green, showing as active. Once active, simply press the AUTO key to watch the Solid Modeling simulate machining the part, as fast as possible.
  • Adjustments can be made to the Dry Run before running the program. Touching Feed Override permits a custom feed rate to be entered. Rapid Override allows the user to set a desired rapid speed. The screen then indicates your selections as below. Notice how in the screen on the left the ACTIVE LEDs on the right shows DRY RUN as active and the FEED indicator shows 75 IPM in green (normally white), indicating the feed rate override is in effect and the RAPID OVERRIDE is set to 300 IPM. With a simple touch of the the AUTO key, the machine will begin with the current dry run settings.