Machine Operation
The Control give you options – down to the way it is run. Operate the machine with either the original Fadal commands or via the NXGEN quick touch keys.
Fadal Commands
Use original Fadal commands to program, operate, or service the machine.
Quick Keys
Program, operate, or service the machine using the NXGEN Quick Keys optimized for a touchscreen.
Interface Power
Solid Modeling 3D Graphic Part Verification, real time and dry-run
Status LEDs to show such things as Clamps ON, Spindle Locked plus many more indicators
Large Axis Position or Program Display
Performance Specs
High Speed Single Step

Program continues until SS is released

Rigid Tap Retract

Retract rigid tap during JOG

Pitch Compensation

Adjust any pitch error easily

Servo Control

Programmable servo controls

High Speed Mode

Up to 5000 XYZ Blocks per Second

Advanced MDI

Touch to select previous entry

Automatic Ramping

Parameter or programmable

Wireless Program Load

Wireless program up/down loading

Position XYZAB

Send an axis to a position while in JOG

Mid-Program Restart

Mid-Program restart by block number

Servo Tuning

Simplified servo tuning

Unlimited Program Size

Don’t be restricted by program size

Advanced velocity ramp control
Feed forward/AI motion control
Using less data points
Free form surface machining
Windows Explorer
Enjoy the flexibility of Windows explorer and all its normal functions: copying, pasting, and drag and dropping. Establish a network and connect to other computers. No more complicated program loading – simply browse for your program.
Advanced Editor
With our Advanced Editor, you can do everything from the machine. No longer do you need to go back and forth from a computer to the machine to make a change to your program. 
  • Edit multiple programs at the same time while running a program
  • Cut and paste between programs
  • Cut and paste into MDI
  • Unlimited program size
  • Compare programs
Service Specifications
Features designed to keep your downtime down
Remote Support

Remote Support via internet directly from NXGEN

Alarm History

Alarm History with date, time and error message

Advanced Diagnostic

Enable trace reporting to capture all control logic

Parameter Mods

Rapid speed, ball screw pitch, feedback count, etc

Single Stepping

Single step things like tool changing and orientation