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The basic Control package that uses your AC or DC machine and its components. A new Windows-based, touchscreen CNC with all the popular CNC88 features and familiarity, designed using the latest technologies on an open architecture platform.  Out of the box, there are over 20 new features for the programmer, operator, and service man.

  • Remote Support. Instant response via the Internet for both your control and machine needs. It’s as if our engineers are standing right in front of your machine.
  • Performance. Up to 10x the performance of the Legacy
  • Ease of Use.  Touchscreen simplicity, speed and familiarity with many “One Touch” features.
  • Legacy Compatibility. Familiar Legacy functionality, including most of the Commands like “HO” and “SETX”. Walk up and feel right at home.
  • Dependability. The state-of-the-art isolated power and ground design eliminates ground loops and power problems. Plus, the board count is 1/3 of the Legacy; fewer boards means fewer failures.
  • Serviceability. New software tools provide pin-point diagnoses, and all of our designs have easy access.
  • Power/Ground/Noise Isolation – the CNC is isolated from the machine power and ground.
  • Designed for IEC 61800-5-2 (EN 954-1) Multi Check Safety using built-in separate hardware redundancy for monitoring safety-related interaction:

Tool Changer, Orientation Arm and Tool In/Out are locked out whenever the spindle is rotating

Multi Watchdog design monitors Windows OS, Motion Board and CNC software, automatically shuts down all motors and motion

  • Uses Standard Legacy (GTK or Baldor) VMC brushless motors, amplifiers and Vector spindle drives
  • WINDOWS 7 Embedded Standard platform using Intel Core Processors
  • 60 GB Solid State hard drive
  • RISC Processor Base Motion Control Board- Up to 8 axes

16 kHz (62 Microsecond) servo loop update (32 times faster than the Legacy CNC)

40 microsecond I/O processing with up to 256 I/O signals

True ZERO following error contouring

Encoder Failure Detection

3000 IPM rapid/feed rates (motor and ballscrew dependent)

Proven Design with over 750,000 boards produced – time tested and very reliable

  • Feed Forward/AI motion control  (iRAMP)
  • Advanced Velocity Ramp Control (iSMOOTH))
  • Spline Contouring
  • USB interface at pendant
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS422 Interface in rear cabinet
  • 5 Undedicated M-funtion Output (TTL logic level)
  • 5 Undedicated Inputs (TTL logic level)
  • Pendant – CNC 88/MP Compatible

Same mounting hardware

Monitor – 15” Color LCD Touchscreen High Resolution Monitor, panel mount, IP64 rated seal

PC Style Keyboard – back light, panel mount, IP64 rated seal

Pendant uses only 5 and 12 VDC, high voltage AC is eliminated

USB Port – front mount, 500ma supply

Spindle Load Meter

MPG Handwheel

Remote Handwheel Option – XYZAB, increment, Start, Slide Hold, Tool IN/OUT, Emergency Stop

  • Pendant Switches – Memory Lock, Option Stop, Block Skip, Rapid Select, 250% Feed and Speed override, Start, Feed Hold, Slide Hold, Tool IN/OUTand ESTOP
  • USB interface allows the addition of a remote keyboard and/or mouse for desktop operation at machine
  • Original Legacy CNC Compatible Programming and Operation
  • Use Fadal commands or original Quick Keys using touch screen
  • Virtually Unlimited Program Size
  • Available with XYX, XYZA and XYZAB axis configuration
  • Large Axis Position or Program Display
  • Solid Modeling 3D Graphic Part Verification, real time and dry-run
  • Status LED’s to show such things as Clamps ON, Spindle Locked plus many more indicators
  • Mid-program Restart by block number
  • High Speed Single Step – hold down SS and the program continues Single Stepping until released
  • Position XYZAB moves while in JOG
  • MDI retains all data until power off, touch to select previous entries
  • High Speed Mode – up to 5000 XYZ blocks per second
  • Pitch Error Compensation
  • Rigid Tap Retract during JOG
  • Wireless network interface for program up/down loading.
  • Windows 7 platform
  • Advance Editor
  • Programmable servo controls
  • Automatic ramping, parameter or programmable
  • New One Touch Features