The state of the art graphical capabilities of the NXGEN control is designed to inform the operator of possible problems before and during the machining process. This feature aids in avoiding setup and programming errors that can result in scrap parts, broken tools and machine damage.
Wire Frame Modeling
Instead of Solid Modeling, the graphics can be set for Wire Frame mode, displaying precise detail for the tool paths. A useful tool for 3D surfacing and a detailed view.
Solid Modeling
The graphics can be set for Solid Modeling. Watch as the Control renders the machining of your part out of a solid block using an actual tool. A useful feature for a big picture view.
Preview During Machining 
While machining the actual part, the virtual tool is also seen machining the virtual part. The virtual tool acts as a preview, it moves before the real tool is machining and helps to determine a machining problem before it actually happens.
The dry run mode result shows a virtual image of the part, either good or bad depending on the validity of the program. Rapid moves incorrectly made in the material will also be shown as red, helpful to indicate possible tool breakage.
Graphics Dry Run Mode