Graphic Dry Run
Dry Run your Programs.
An essential step for many operators,
run your programs in Dry Run faster than ever before.
Next Generation Dry Run
Our Dry Run provides the high resolution detail you need to preview your programs. Loaded with advanced features, even each tool is a different color so for easy viewing.
Reduce the time spent on setups by easily uploading and running your programs into Dry Run before starting the program.
Proof is in the pudding
To test our Advanced Dry Run, we ran a 14,462 Line program into both the Fadal and NXGEN Dry Run systems and measured the results.
Faster Load Time
Faster Dry Run
Load Time
Fadal: 138 seconds.
NXGEN: 5.8 seconds
Run Time
FADAL: 102 Seconds
NXGEN: 22 Seconds
Start using advanced Dry Run in your setups today