The sky is the limit.
Enjoy the possibilities of having a Windows computer at your machine.
Not a closed box
The system uses a standard high-speed PCI backplane for the system boards. The computer board plugs into the backplane and can easily be removed and replaced or upgraded. As the computing hardware improves, so can your system.
Automate your Processes

By using a Microsoft Windows operating system, features such as shop floor and process automation integration are achievable via PCI, Ethernet, and USB ports. For example, easily install a bar code reader and software package and process data while the machine is running.

Set up a workstation at the machine.
Have a workbench at the machine? Make it into a workstation. Rather than stand at the pendant to operate and program the machine, plug in an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse and make a workstation. Reduce fatigue and enjoy the convenience of operating and programming next to the machine. The machine can even be running while you program and prepare for the next job.
Program Flexibility
Bring the power of the software programs you use right to the Control. Run whatever software you want on the shop floor.
CAD Systems
CAM Systems
Program Editors
Conversational Programs
SPC Software
Integrate with your shop
Having a computer at your machine opens doors to integrations within your shop. Save time by connecting your machine to your internal systems.
Connect to your intranet
Leverage Interconnections
Connect to Other Controls
Designed upon Fadal’s Success
We designed the Control after the successful and flexible CNC system, unique to the Fadal Legacy.

CNC designs are commonly proprietary to the manufacture, leaving the customer “locked-in” when needing to either service or upgrade the machine in any way. This philosophy results in an obsolete system and often a single source for control service and parts.

One of the key successes and popularity of the Legacy is the flexibility to upgrade the software and hardware. Even today, Legacy customers can remove the control cards and add upgraded system boards. The software was designed to maintain a high percentage of backward compatibility and is easily updated.

Service part procurement has also proven to be easily available from various part suppliers. A tremendous benefit for the customer, this competition greatly reduces the cost of maintaining the machines regardless of age.

Don’t just make parts. Improve the entire process.