Fanuc Compatible Motors

Fanuc Drop In Replacement
Performance Testing

We have been working with a major motor manufacture to provide a drop-in replacement for machines using various sizes Fanuc motors. After a one year field testing program, these motors are now ready for the production phase.
In addition to using the same Glentek or Baldor brushless motor on your Fadal machines, now we will be providing an easy bolt-on option for new machine builders currently using Fanuc motors.

New Brushless
Higher Torque, Smaller Size

Thse new motors are 1/2 the length with 20% more torque than the original Fadal brushless motors. Internally the Glentek, Baldor and Fanuc brushless have the same basic design, being 8-pole permanent magnet DC brushless motors. The type of encoder feedback is where the main differences exist. Some use incremental encoders, while others use absolute encoders, depending on the application.

Instead of the standard 8-pole motor, we are using the latest 10-pole design in these new motors. A higher pole count has a distinct advantage at lower speeds by decreases the amount of torque ripple a motor generates.

Less torque ripple in a motor provides smoother and more consistent motion during the machining process, and eliminates the need for extremely large encoder counts otherwise needed to correct for torque ripple during servo motion.

With these new NXGEN motors we will be offering a complete range of motor sizes!