Demos, Demos and more

We finished installing the ITS retrofit and began giving demos.
The typical demo lasts about 90 minutes. Starting at the pendant, going through power-up, Jogging and doing a Cold Start.  We then discussed the functionality of the Command Mode and about how it works the same as the Legacy. Then we go over the touchscreen, always very popular.
After the pendant, we move to the back of the machine and go over the hardware changes required for the retrofit.
It was after the first 10 demos it was pretty repetitive. It was amusing how consistently servicemen wanted to start at the back of the machine and see the hardware, while everyone else starts at the pendant. In the end, we performed about 50 demos over December, January until early Febuary.
When Dave asked one manager how long would it take to train his operators? He said about 15 minutes! That was gratifying to hear, since it is in line with one of our highest goals: To have someone familiar with Legacy walk up and feel right at home…

Doing so many demos provided a wide variety of direct feedback from many users which helps confirm our designs and provides valuable suggestions from the people that will be using it.

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