We use your machine hardware
The upgrade integrates with your iron, and uses your existing wiring, motors, amplifiers, inverters, and rotaries. The only thing we replace is your old pendant, control boards and card cage.
Axis Amplifiers
Axis Motors
Spindle Inverter
Spindle Motor
Control Hardware Features
0.000010″ Resolution 

A minimum resolution of .000010″ (physical XY=12 millionths, Z=10 millionths) provides better finish, accuracy and servo performance.

Power/Ground Isolation
The Control is electrically isolated from the machine’s high power and ground, eliminating ground loops, logic noise and greatly enhancing performance and reliability.
Windows 7 Platform

The Control uses WINDOWS 7 Embedded Standard platform with Intel Core Processors

Multi Check Safety
Designed for IEC 61800-5-2 (EN 954-1), the Control uses built-in separate hardware redundancies for monitoring safety-related interactions.
Multi Processor Performance

To maximize performance and reliability, all the motion is managed by computer that is separate from the Windows computer. This Multi-Processor design avoids the problems and instability systems using only Windows computer for all the system operations.

Stability Assurance Watchdogs

A dedicated system board, independent of the Windows system, continually monitors the control functions with multiple system watchdogs. In the event of a computer hardware or software “lock-up” the watchdogs switch off the amplifiers and put the control into an E-Stop condition.

Lockout Outs During Spindle Function

During spindle operation, the Multi Check Safety board automatically locks out all functions related to the spindle: the tool changer, orientation arm and tool in/out. It intercepts control signals operating the devices, and only allows operation under the correct conditions.

Simplified Card Cage
Similar to the Legacy, the Control uses a Card Cage design that integrates into the back cabinet. However, the design is dramatically simplified and only uses three main boards.
Advanced Single Board Computer
  • AMI 16 MBit Processor 
  • Intel Core Processor 
  • Up to 8GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 Capabilities
  • VGA and DVI Compliant 
  • Ethernet Compatible 
  • RS-232 Port
  • Wireless Internet / Network
RISC Processor Base Motion Control Board
  • RISC Processor Base Motion Control Board
  • 16 kHz (62 Microsecond) servo loop update (32 times faster than the Legacy CNC)
  • 40 microsecond I/O processing with up to 256 I/O signals
  • Functionality up to 8 axes
  • True ZERO following error contouring
  • Encoder Failure Detection
  • 3000 IPM rapid/feed rates (motor and ballscrew dependent)
  • Proven Design with over 750,000 boards produced – time tested and very reliable
96 Channel Digital I/O Board
  • Up to 192 digital I/O lines
  • Buffered circuits for high performance driving capacity
  • Multiple-source interrupt handling
  • Keeps I/O output values and settings during reset
60+ G SSD
Measure Programs in Gigabytes 
Concerns of program size are a thing of the past. Instead of measuring program storage in megabytes, we measure in gigabytes. Using our custom Windows Embedded operating system provides tremendous possibilities of data storage management. Currently, we use Solid State Disks (SSD) with no moving parts, 64 GB of storage and the ability to add more drives.
Upgrade your DC servo system
Digital Encoder
If you have a DC servo, we’ll upgrade your resolver to a state of the art digital encoder. double your resolution and bring the feedback into the 21st century
Improved Coupler

Finish problems and poor Resolver life can be traced down the standard helical coupler. As part of your DC upgrade system, we’ll provide you with a precision constant velocity coupler that improves your machine’s finish and greatly extends the life of the motor feedback.