Advanced Jog
Do more in jog than ever before.
Jog is one of your bread-and-butter functions. You can’t live without it.
You’ll never know how you lived without Advanced Jog.
Jog Menu
Press the Jog Menu button to bring up a menu of tools added to keep you in JOG without the need to switch back and forth from JOG and MDI. With our Advance JOG, you can do just about everything you need to without leaving JOG.
  • CREATE JOG FIXTURE brings up the FIXTURE/DRO tools menu shown below.
  • FEED TO POSITION provides a quick way to position an axis while in JOG instead of having to use MDI.
  • RETRACT RIGID TAP turns on the spindle servo so the operator can JOG a tap out of the part.
  • RAPID TO ZERO returns all axes to the current JOG zero position
  • JOG TEACH records current position to a file for digitizing or loading into memory.


  • APPLY A FIXTURE OFFSET. Now the operator can easily turn ON/OFF Fixture Offsets in JOG mode. This feature provides easy verification and adjustments of the Fixture Offsets. With the Legacy CNC it was only possible to turn on a Fixture Offset in MDI never in JOG.Now the operator can easily and quickly select, verify and adjust the fixture offsets.
  • ZERO READ-OUT. DRO during JOG. The Position Displays can be temporally zeroed for operator’s convenience.
    For Example; now you can indicate a diameter on your part or pick-up and edge and zero the X and Y display. Then while jogging the X and Y Position display act like a Digital Read Out as you move a position to manual drill/tap a hole.