Project Vision

“Our Vision is to provide a state-of-the-art mill, lathe, & horizontal CNC control using the latest technologies available. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe that the road to success is in the simple not the complex.”

Project Outline

The NXGEN Control project started from the beginning as both a retrofit and new machine control package.
♦ The retrofit package is best described as a control upgrade rather than a retrofit because we use most of the existing hardware. The package is easily adapted to ’97 and newer Fadal VMCs currently using the Legacy control. Simply remove the old pendant and pendant wires then remove the motherboard, card cage and power supply.
The new control system components (motherboard, card cage and power supply) are then installed using the same mounting, there are no holes to drill. The new control uses the existing wiring, motors and amplifiers.

Our goal is to make the R&R as simple as possible and get you up and running within a matter of hours not days.  While providing your machine operators and servicemen an upgrade with an easy and seamless transition from the Legacy control to our new control.

Development Philosophy

The NXGEN Control Project was started by both Independent Technology Services (ITS) and VMC Electric llc.  It is the accumulation of many talented engineers and specialized companies.  We have been working with dozens of the best control software and hardware engineering companies in the world to provide the absolute best product. For example, rather than spend years to develop a proprietary servo control board, we have been working with one of best and largest producers in motion control technology. They have produced over 750,000 motion control boards since 1983. This open architecture approach is a tremendous benefit in providing state-of-the-art performance. Also, it provides faster to market scaling while providing the absolute best possible product out of the gate with time tested and proven technology!

Simplicity of Design

One of the most important aspects of the success of the Legacy control was to easily have older machines updated to the latest control software/hardware. Even today, a machine with a 1983 Legacy control are being updated to the latest CNC software/hardware version and taking advantage of all the latest features developed years later! The Legacy control design allows a serviceman to simply remove the old cards from a card cage and plug-in the new control cards. This flexibility of design directly contributes to the popularity and longevity of the Legacy control to this day.
With the NXGEN control, our goal is to perpetuate the same simplicity of design while providing a tenfold improvement in performance.

User Interface Experience

We provide the best of both worlds by allowing the same familiar ENTER NEXT COMMAND structure that is integrated with the latest touchscreen technologies that so many are familiar with when using their smart phones.
-Having the ENTER NEXT COMMAND option gives users the ability to slowly transition to the new and faster features, but only if they want to, it’s their choice. Bottom line, a minimal impact to the workforce training required when changing to another control.
-The many One-Touch features are fast and easy to use.  The design is greatly simplified and eliminates the need for a BACK button. With the NXGEN system, you are always moving forward with just one touch!
This ease of navigation is achieved by eliminating the usual “drilling down” in the old style menu systems or the older soft-key designs, eliminating the “getting lost in menus” feeling.